Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More Pictures From DC

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Visiting an Old Friend

Vic and I returned to the Hirshhorn Museum and visited my old friend. He is sitting in the corner ignoring Vic. I did a self portrait using one of the sculptures on exhibit. I love this museum, especially the sitting man/birdcage by Magritte. We also saw a wonderful exhibit at the National Gallery, The Art of Power, beautiful paintings, suits of armor and tapestries from 15th century Spain.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Solar Homes and Signs of Fall

On the DC Mall is a solar home contest, several universities and a few countries are competing for the best design. Sunshine has left the city, but the homes are open to the public for a few days.

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Babies, Books and Booooooo!

We were lucky enough to see an Alaskan bluegrass band play at the Farmers Market. This little girl was having fun and her older brother was playing a mean guitar. Halloween decorations are everywhere, it will be interesting to see how DC celebrates. The Capital Hill Book Store is wall to wall books. The foreign language section is in the john. Fun, a little spooky, to fit the Halloween mood. The Kennedy Center offers many free concerts. We saw a group of artists from Japan and Mongolia, one gentleman was a throat singer, very cool and different.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rainbows, mysterious lady and flea markets

DC is a suprise, there is a great flea, art and farmers market near our little apartment. I hope to find some wonderful Christmas presents here. The craft fairs in DC are full of talented artists and creative ideas.

The flight to Seattle was beautiful, sunsets over the Chugach Range. My first day in Elizabeth was decorated with rainbows and sunlight. I also discovered a mysterious lady in a tintype, adorned with golden jewelry and pink cheeks. Who is she? A relative? I hope to discover her story soon.