Friday, January 29, 2010

TJ and the Madison's

We had a great visit with TJ, James M and Dolly. Our country is fortunate to have had such great men. I enjoyed American History 101 in Virginia. Monticello and Montpelier were beautiful, but I was jealous of the land and gardens. TJ shared a little of his herbs with us.

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roxanestoner said...

I could not hold my horses long enough. Sorry! They have mind of their own. Good photos. I particularly like the tomato looking veggy in a cage. Is that a chinese lantern? I love those.
Your country had great men, I agree but even greater women.

leknox said...

Hi Roxane,
I don't know what the tomato is, loved it anyway. I did get some Charleston pics online and more to come. I'll be back soon.